Monday, September 27, 2010

Falling Into Line

FUNNY GRAPHS - Every Man For Himself!
See more Funny Graphs. In terms of my perceptions, fall starts when OSU goes back into session: it's not a matter of weather (which is expected to be sunny and warm this week), or day length, but the daily rhythm of students trudging to and from campus. Classes start today, but the students have been gearing up since a week ago Saturday.  They came in for the game, and just never went back to where they came from.  Much as I love bitching about their noise though, I love their presence more.  Some are indifferent to their studies, but most, in my experience, are fascinated and excited by their classes and their major.

Anyway, they'll quiet down in two or three weeks when they start attending their classes.

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Amanda said...

I think this might classify as a math joke. And I like it.