Friday, May 7, 2010

New Accretionary Wedge at Highly Allochthonous

You know you're a geo-nerd when you can spell "allochthonous" correctly without double checking (but misspell "correctly" on your first try). Anne and Chris will be hosting the next AW, with the theme of a "Geo-Image Bonanza!"
It could be a photograph you've taken of an outcrop or process in action; a diagram from a classic geologic paper or text book; a satellite image of an incredible landscape; an optical microscope picture of your favorite mineral; something topical, or an old and inspirational favorite. Whatever strikes your fancy. You might consider writing a little about what your chosen images shows or why you chose it, but wordless entries are OK too. We're also OK with recycled submissions if you've got a post in your archives that fits the carnival theme.

The deadline for submission of posts will be Friday, May 28. To submit your entry, leave a link to in the comments section here or at the Accretionary Wedge blog. We encourage our non-blogging readers to contribute their favorite images as well: we'll be happy to publish your image here.
Some things I'd like to emphasize here are 1) you do not need to be a geologist; 2) you do not need to be a blogger; 3) it probably is necessary for you to have web access; and 4) it would definitely be a good thing if you understand that everyone here in the geoblogosphere loves them some pretty pictures of... well... pretty much everything geoscience-related. So send some!

The deadline is Friday, May 28th. I know that for me, the issue is going to be limiting the size of my submission, not finding good material. (Cross-posted at The Accretionary Wedge)

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