Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secret Service?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this violates the law, not to say standards of decency. I also think it's a reasonable position that the US has never recovered from the trauma of its presidential assassinations, particularly the two mentioned above. And Solly Forell, pseudonym or not, is likely to be facing some very uncomfortable questions in the foreseeable future. (Hat tip: Balloon Juice and Library Grape)


TomG said...

Somebody has truely stepped over the line with this remark.
Unless this person has covered his/her trail very, very well, I would think unfriendly visitors will be at the door in the near future.


Unknown said...

I just saw on CNN that the Secret Service is investigating this. I guess there was more than one, and it falls into the public realm, so they can use it.

Lockwood said...

Thanks for letting me know, ReBecca. I'm glad to know our public servants find this as scary as I do.

Unknown said...

There were some pretty graphic ones! Not to smart on their part IMO.