Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gawd! I Love Being A White Male!

It comes with an enormous benefit: every time a white male kills someone, or commits another heinous crime, I don't have to worry about guilt by association. I don't have to trot out to the media and explain that atrocities such as opening fire on a bunch of fellow soldiers are completely contrary to the basic philosophical precepts of being a white male. So, for example, when Timothy McVeigh was convicted and executed for the Oklahoma City bombing, I didn't have to worry that white males were going to come under scrutiny, or that a SWAT team would knock down my door in the middle of the night to search my apartment for fertilizer. When Jaycee Lee Duggard escaped from Philip Garrido a few months ago, I didn't have to be concerned that my neighbors (who are female and/or Asian) would assume that I was a serial rapist and a kidnapper.

Yes, it's a fine thing, being a white male.

I'm sure glad I was smart enough to not be born in a middle eastern Muslim family. And, heaven forbid, wise enough not to covert to Islam.
But Americans sometimes struggle with tolerance toward them and immediately hone in on Hasan’s religion and prompt comments on like, “Get rid of the Muslims! It’s an awful, dangerous so-called religion.”

Some called it a “cult” that teaches “hate and intolerance”.

“I understand their anger, but they’re angry at something they don’t understand,” said Wicks. “Not all Muslims believe the same and my interpretation of Islam is under no circumstances, under no pretenses, is violence against innocence allowed. Period.”
No bigotry to see here, folks. Move along. Move along.

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Randal Graves said...

Changing races worked for C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man, at least for most of the movie. Give it a shot, The Other!