Friday, October 16, 2009


MC Escher + Animation = Mesmination? I have probably spent ten minutes or more watching this loop this afternoon. From Julia Segal's Tumblr, Skull Swap.
In other news, fellow geoblogger Silver Fox stopped by my favorite coffee shop for a couple of hours this morning and early afternoon. It was a pleasure to chat for a while, and I felt kind of honored that she made the effort to drive out of her way during her trek from Nevada to Portland for the GSA Convention. Hope the final leg worked out OK, Silver!

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Silver Fox said...

That's a great MC Escher animation!

Made it just fine into Portland, although at one point I thought I was on the wrong freeway right in downtown and didn't know how I was going to turn around, but it turned out I was on the right freeway after all.

Glad you had the time to chat. (And thanks for the coffee!)