Saturday, April 4, 2009


The fact that the movie's own website has this trailer hosted at funny or die makes me suspicious. I'm not a fan of the teen-slasher genre, and never have been. But this is so marvelously tongue-in-cheek, so dark, such a perfect send up of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... and the choice of Christopher Lloyd as a psychotic Willy Wonka is so perfect... that I'm really, really hoping this is for real, and not an eloborate April Fool's hoax. Anyone know for sure? Very little shows up in a Google search, though I haven't yet done a thorough look-around.
Followup, a few minutes later: Ok, looking around a little more, it looks like the "trailer" is the movie, but I found a "making of" clip too.

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Dean Wormer said...

Lloyd is a genius. That this can be mistaken for a real movie says oodles about the state of Hollywood today.