Thursday, October 2, 2008

Only, You Know, If You, Like, Care About Something

Otherwise, don't bother.

You can get an online Oregon registration form to print here. (537 kb PDF) Registration forms are also available at the Corvallis Public Library, The OSU Library, and other places.
Here is information on registering in Oregon. The pertinent date to keep in mind is that your mailed registration must be postmarked 21 days before the current election (I presume that if you hand deliver your registration to the County Courthouse (basement, NE corner), it must also be 21 days before the election.) By my arcane calculations, that means Tuesday October 14 is the deadline. For answers to other frequently asked questions, see this page.

If you're confused, and a corporeal visitor (as opposed to a netizen) to my favorite coffee shop, please ask me for help. I'm the older guy with a shaggy beard, and a fuzzy hat, normally sitting in the eastern (art-filled) room, staring into a laptop. All of the clerks and many customers know me by name-ask for Lockwood. It's important to me that everyone qualified have the opportunity to cast a ballot.

And even if you're on the other side of the country, leave a comment, and I can probably find information pertinent to your location and situation. As the video points out, you must be registered by your state's deadline. For some places that may be just a couple of days away.

But only, you know, if you, like, actually care about something.

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