Friday, August 1, 2008


This is a test post.

OK, there's apparently some sort of corruption going on with site meter right now, and I wasn't able to access the blog. So temporarily, I've taken the counter down. Leave a comment so I know you visited!


Silver Fox said...

So, hey, your blog is working, just not the sitemeter!

Lockwood said...

That seems to be the situation... I did the "This is a test post" part before I lifted out the sitemeter code. I could tell that it posted correctly before it put up the error box and redirected me to "Page cannot be displayed."

After I took out the sitemeter code, I could access my blog successfully. I went back and edited in the explanation. According to some one of the rss feeds (don't remember which offhand) sitemeter has had a problem like this at least once in the past. The writer recommended keeping two counters on your site, so I added the Google analytics tool just a little while ago. As far as sitemeter goes, I can't access -any- of their sites, so I think it's them, not explorer. I'm not having problems with anything else.