Saturday, July 19, 2008


It made the ballot! That was my impression when I posted the story a while back, but I'm glad to see it official. "The George W. Bush Memorial Sewage Plant." Just sort of rolls off your tongue; evokes fetid memories of outhouses and the last 8 years. Gor for it, SF!


Ed said...

Hello Lockwood,

I found came across a comment from you on Enriched Geranium, so I thought I'd stop by and poke around. An interesting blog you have here.

The GWB Memorial Sewage Plant! I love it!

Wisconsin doesn't want to be left out, either.

Rawley said...

Going back to our conversation the other day how sewage treatment plants actually take in shit and put out clean(er) water, perhaps we should all start refering to toilets as GW's or 'the bush'. I gotta hit The Bush, or man, I gotta take a GW!

Suzy said...

"Wisconsin doesn't want to be left out, either"
We could name our litter boxes -- Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.