Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Sad-Sized Edition

This is a shorter than average edition; a lot of the funnies that would have been posted here went to the Halloween post instead. So if you missed it, you might want to check that, too.
Tastefully Offensive- True, dat. I got a couple of these; I can cover them with my thumb.
Bits and Pieces
Are You Talking to Meme?
"After spending tears in grad school" What Should We Call Grad School?
Bits and Pieces
Are You Talking to Meme?
"Princess Iron Man," from Wil Wheaton. The name for this costume that immediately popped into my head was "Iron Maiden."
Fake Science
Wil Wheaton "Samantha Bee, you beautiful Canadian."
 Wil Wheaton
"This is why you don't microwave cellphones." Senor Gif
This is a sort of short edition;

Funny to Me
What Would Jack Do?
Dr. Boli
 "This kitten has looked into the abyss." Senor Gif
Bird and Moon
Are You Talking to Meme?
The Far Left Side
"'Titanic' as directed by Michael Bay." Senor Gif

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