Thursday, November 7, 2013

Geo 365: Nov. 7, Day 311: Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Looking roughly west from the same spot where yesterday's photo was taken, the elevated terrace of the cape is apparent. I don't quite "get" some people's infatuation with lighthouses; nothing against them, I just don't grasp the intense appeal. I'm guessing the tower farther to the left is some sort of navigation aid, and that the little white box in the left middle is for weather observations. As one might expect on a promontory such as this, some of the most intense winter storm winds on the west coast are measured here, not infrequently gusting over 120 miles per hour. Between the tower and the weather station, semi-consolidated terrace deposits are exposed. Sometime in the next few days, I'll post a shot of how these are used by some of the local biota.

Photo unmodified. May 7, 2013. FlashEarth location.

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