Friday, July 17, 2009

Ugly Animals

(CENSEAM / Parkinson)
There's a fun quiz at Der Spiegel today on ugly animals. The questions pertain to the evolutionary advantage(s) conferred by said uglyness. I missed the hagfish question, had to guess on a couple of others, and was confronted by one creature I'd never heard of before (the blobfish, above). But if you think about the info you're given, most of the answers are pretty easy to logic out. The thing I really like about this quiz is that there's a lot of interesting facts in the lead-ups. And the photos are pretty cool, too.

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Mimi said...

I believe that 'ugliness' does have a part in evolution especially in today's age where humans dominate the world. Ugly animals or those that are distasteful to us human beings are left alone and ignored, which may lead to them thriving in the wild. We can see how beautiful creatures (such as leopards, minks, baby seals etc) are being exploited. Found some really interesting/ugly creatures here Ugly Animals