Friday, July 6, 2012

National Buttocks Day

So actually, I've been "celebrating" this tongue-in-cheek commemoration of Shrub's 66th birthday (the greatest ass in American history), along with Darius Whiteplume, since I got in today, mostly posting buttocks photos on twitter. Unfortunately, few if any others that I've seen are joining in, though that's okay. It took a while for "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and "Towel Day" to take off as well. And since the idea was first proposed here at OTI, I feel I'd be remiss in not reposting my selected photos and comments here, too.
 In honor of National Buttocks Day, here's a Buttato.
 Continuing our celebration of National Buttocks Day, it wouldn't be complete without some assless chaps.
And I guess this would be a chapless lass... with or without the leading "L" in the second word
On National Buttocks Day, we take a moment to celebrate a t-shirt that somewhat alleviates the issue of plumber butt.
Buttocks can also be an asset (heh) in legal practice.
Likely the most famous buttocks in America today, though I've never figured out exactly why.

Hope your Buttocks are having a good day, too!

Followup: Forgot to mention it, but one synonym for "buttocks" is "fundament," from the same root as "foundation," which, of course, they are when you're seated. Neither here nor there, but an amusing new way to think about Fundamentalists, no? Also, as mentioned, my partner in crime is Darius Whiteplume; his blog, Adventures in Nerdliness, also has a post in tribute to the human posterior, and if your patience still isn't at an end his Tumblr, Tumbling in Nerdliness, has even more.