Saturday, September 21, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 21, Day 264: Sun Notch

Like Kerr Notch, on the left edge, Sun Notch is clearly another beheaded glacial valley. Not apparent at this scale, but somewhat discernible in the full size view, the Phantom Ship sits offshore from the end of the point between Sun and Kerr Notches. Above that point is Dutton Cliff, and to the right of Sun Notch, the point at the waterline is called Eagle Point. Above that is Eagle Crags.

Photo unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 20, Day 263: The View...

...from the rim of the cone on Wizard Island must be incredible. I doubt I'll ever clamber down Cleetwood Trail, simply because I find the idea of the return trip too daunting. Even if I did, I'd have to muster up the cost for the boat trip, get down there early in the morning, plan on spending the better part of the day on the island, AND make a 700 foot (200 m) climb to the summit. At this point, 'taint gonna happen. But still, imagine the 360 degree panorama of the caldera walls...

Photo unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 19, Day 262: Skell Channel

The Crater Lake tour boat navigates Skell Channel, the passage between Wizard Island and the western wall of the caldera. I haven't been able to find the name and dimensions of the current tour boat, but it can carry a maximum of 37 passengers, so that should provide a loose sense of scale. According to a source I can't seem to find again, the passage is 300 m wide, and about 100 m deep. Despite that depth, you can still make out the shape of the bottom here... the water is really that clear!

Photo unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 18, Day 261: Devils Backbone

A set of radial dikes below Hillman Peak has been named "The Devils Backbone." Radial dikes are common features of volcanoes, as sheets of magma push outward from the central conduit.

Photo unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 17, Day 260: Wizard's Breach

From the pullout between Hillman Peak and The Watchman, Wizard Island dominates the view. I've long been fascinated by the breach flow from that cinder cone. The hummocks and little islands seem (to me at least) to suggest that the lake level was lower at the time of that eruption. Above and a little to the right of Wizard Island, Kerr Notch can be seen on the opposite rim. The peak to the left of that feature is Mount Scott, the highest point in the park.

Photo unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Geo 365: Sept. 16, Day 259: Bailey, Diamond, Thielsen

From the left horizon, looking north from the western portion of Crater Lake NP's rim road, we see Mount Bailey. In the left center is Red Cone, and in the distance above its right flank is Diamond Peak. Finally, on the right is Mount Thielsen. For size options, right click the image here.

Photos stitched in HugIn, otherwise unmodified. August 18, 2011. FlashEarth location. (Cross-hairs are on the pullout where photos were taken, but zoom is backed out enough to see Bailey and Thielsen.)