Thursday, December 13, 2012


 This hashtag game occurred to me last night in the aftermath of a canvalanche...
  • Canvalanche- when your pile of empties gets oversteepened, and collapses, sweeping everything in its path away
  • Derbis fowl: 20 minutes of hurried writing, followed by an hour of exasperated editing.
  • Hallar - volcanic debris flow in Appalachia
  • Earthquack - disaster associated with enormous waterfowl.
  • Tsugami- Japanese art form involving folding the ocean, often leading to nasty side effects.
  • Volgina- source of queefs.
  • Escrapment- danger from poop taken off a cliff falling onto passers-by below.
  • Volcanic erection- geologist with blue balls.
  • Kart topography- food vendors that distract and capture unwary pedestrians.
  • Dessication fissures- piscivores in a drought.
  • Creep- freaky dude who totally disrupts any foundation for belief in basic decency of humanity.
  • Vulgarite- a really, really rude rock.
  • Foold- disaster following an area's being inundated with idiots.
  • Sizemic risk- consequence of too much rich, high-calorie consumption during Holiday season.
  • Geophysical- damage to an area or region from a really awful Olivia Newton-John song.
  • PailO'Seismology- earthquakes in a bucket! Fun for the whole family!
  • Disorientation- the state of being somewhere other than central eastern Asia.
  • Hoar frost- I'm not even gonna touch that one.
  • Nuée aldente- an explosion of flavor as perfectly cooked pasta enters your mouth.
  • Storm serge- results in large areas being drowned in fabric.
  • Flash food- reactions between condiments and meal, with ensuing explosions and/or fireballs. Sriracha is often a factor.
  • RT @theburntcity Gasperititis can be part of the Flash Food especially when dealing with unknown or unexpected flavors and textures.
  • Liquifaction- the party that believes it should keeps its demands fluid.
  • Trans-gendered faults- for heteros, the problems you have with your significant other.
  • Induction Zones- military recruitment offices.
  • Volganic- eruptions involving no artificial fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Fissile- rock record of previously-existing life, mounted on a rocket, and armed with a nuclear weapon.
  • Rock hammered- "Don't even ask. I've been drinking with geologists."
  • Solar Wind- On occasion, the sun farts; if directed toward earth, can result in a geomagnetic stench.
  • Rockfall- when outcrops shed their foliage to prepare for winter.
  • Seiche- trying to pronounce complicated words when rock hammered.
  • FEMA- actually not a hazard at all, it's the bone in the upper portion of the leg.
  • Sinkholes- can collapse without warning, disrupting dish-washing plans.
  • Fumaroles- Spanish for "papers to make cigarettes."
  • Phreatic- atic is totally innocent!
  • Focus- earthquakes happen when the planet loses this, and can't keep its shit together any longer.
  • Lateral spread- associated with sizemic risk from overeating.
  • Pummus- fossilized remains of Middle-Eastern chickpea spread. NOT edible. Trust me on this one.
  • Magma- Clint Eastwood's preferred weapon in the "Dirty Harry" movies.
  • Talker's block- frequently develops in response to volcanic eruptions in Iceland.
  • "Talker's block" should not be confused with "speech impediment," which is responding to desert with stunned silence. 
  • Tool envy- looking at your hammer, then at heavy machinery, sighing, "I want one." Will escalate to Death Star unchecked.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Funnies: It's What's for Christmas Edition

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Sober in a Nightclub
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"How I feel every morning getting coffee" #WHATSHOULDWECALLGRADSCHOOL
"How I felt when I learned about fractional crystallization" (I found this a fascinating and sensible idea, but there was plenty of ig pet that made me feel this way) Geology is Hard
Hi, I'm Liz
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Cheezburger- desktop image noted.
 Making it to the outcrop: how I think I look...
How I actually look. Geology is Hard.
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90% Unrelated "oh my god it’s like he started to hover away but his front half’s antigravity didn’t activate."
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Are You Taking to Meme?
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