Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Funnies- Early Edition

I've not been very good about getting my Sunday Funnies up the last couple of weeks, so I decided that today I would put up an edition before I started in on my RSS reading (well, actually, I did read my geoblogs). So it's not really early, but it is earlier than usual, and I'll actually get it done. Below is a fair description of my time managment habits:
From XKCD.

And speaking of early, yesterday I posted a vidclip of the Boomtown Rats song, "I Don't Like Mondays..."
From My First Dictionary, where the author finds illustrations in vintage grade-school texts, then captions them with words and their macabre, twisted and very funny definitions. This particular piece has a great comment thread; here are a couple of selections.

Oswald Bastable said...

I don't like Mondays, either.

Kathleen Fisher said...
My favourite posts are the ones that make me gasp in horror at your audacity first, then uncontrollably giggle for the rest of the day!
Here's another example.and another...
Running with the theme of sexual innuendo, here's one from Saturday Bulletin:
A somewhat more blatant example:
From a recent find, Pwned on Camera, a gallery of people (mostly guys, of course) caught looking.

I'm not sure if "Amy Winehouse" has become an innuendo for anything, but if so, it's probably not sexual.
amy winehouse
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Of course, these kinds of suggestive jokes do on occasion actually lead to sex... which as I've discussed in a previous edition is viewed differently by different people. But fundamentally, the reason we enjoy it, the reason many see it as "recreation," is that it is a necessary biological drive. Consider that word in the previous sentence: re-creation. So it would be valid to conclude that the above funnies could potentially lead to marriage... (From Criggo)
...and babies.Cyanide & Happiness @ Another recent funny find; like so many of the web comics I follow, Cyanide & Happiness often goes right over my head, but the times it tickles my funny bone more than make up for the time I spend scratching my head.

Babies require an enormous amount of care, attention. There's potty training...
From a site I just stumbled across this morning, Sticky Comics. I haven't read enough yet to say whether I like it overall, but I got a giggle out of the one above. I also enjoyed the following comment on the comic: "And the toilet water says, 'it’s time to get pissed.'"

You need to train kids in the social niceties of dealing with others...
... and to be accepting of the differences between us. (From Pictures for Sad Children)

Children need to be exposed to experiences that are not part of their everyday world; so few these days have had a chance to see and touch farm animals. (From Criggo, of course)
You need to bring them up to respect, and hopefully, follow whatever religious beliefs you hold...
(Another from Cyanide & Happiness)

...and help them understand how to use the framework of those beliefs to make wise and ethical decisions.
(Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

They need to understand that others may hold different beliefs, and come to their own decisions in different ways.
Don't do it!  It wouldn't be right!
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There's so much they need to learn! As they get older, they need to learn how to make wise nutritional choices...
(Engrish Funny)

...arts and crafts...
william shatner
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...they need to learn about economics and money...(From Misery Loves Sherman, another recent find) to gracefully acknowledge when they've made a mistake...
(From The Daily What; this retraction of a rather insulting mistake, issued on January 13, 1920, was published on July 17, 1969, days before Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I guess the rest of the Apollo program had convinced the NYT that you actually could "push against a vacuum")

... and the basic academic subjects. Educational programming can help with many subjects, including science. For example, physics is regularly discussed in children's science programming,

as is biology and nature.
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Pop culture is important too; kids need to have interests they can share with their friends and others.
(Another from The Daily What)

Hobbies can help a youngster learn all sorts of things: academic subjects, patience and persistence, ingenuity. For example, electronics is a great hobby for science- and mechanically-inclined children. They can also learn important life lessons about subjects such as personal health and safety as they engage in a hobby.
(There I Fixed It)

As they mature, children must learn to help with household chores...
funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

...and how to cope appropriately with strong emotions and negative feelings.
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Bringing a pet into the household can help a child learn how to care for and nurture others, and to place other's needs before the child's wants.
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

As they grow older, they should start developing an interest outside the sphere of their family and their town. International news and political realtions can open their eyes to the amazing diversity of our world.
see more Political Pictures

Critical thinking skills, such as the ability to rationally weigh evidence, and developing confidence in answering difficult questions, is crucial, but can be frustrating. Sadly, many never do develop such skills, and their lives are poorer as a result.
nasa rocket
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And of course, all too soon, they do grow up, and develop an interest in "adult" topics...

Which brings us full circle, doesn't it? Just as you did, your children will do silly things their parents wish they hadn't.
laura bush
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But if you've done your job half way decently, they'll have a good understanding of the most important fact of life there is: There are a lot of clowns in the world...
song chart memes
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...but you can learn how to deal with them.

Speaking of clowns, have a good week at work; I'll see you in the funnies!

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