Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's the Only Way to Be Sure

No, I haven't forgotten or given up on OTI, nor (fsm knows) is there any shortage of material I'd like to be writing about. Between frustrations with freaked-out browsers, "unresponsive" plug-ins (yes, flash, I'm looking at you), intermittent wifi, Blogger's new improved, marginally usable compose interface, and the electronic equivalent of Alzheimer's, all combined with an obsessive need to read (or at least skim over) hundreds of news articles, geology and other science bits, glorious photos, humor, political commentaries and miscellaneous other stuff on a daily basis, I just don't have the gumption or patience to get any blogging done.

Put it this way: last spring, I could spent 6-8 hours reading my RSS, keeping up with Twitter, write a post or two for OTI, and pretty easily clean out out 1200 news articles and blog posts. This week I have spent 11-12 hours a day here. I have managed to keep up with Twitter, but only on a couple of days have I managed to finish my RSS items- and I'm not going through any more than in the past.

Like I say, frustrating.

At any rate, the above LOL occurred to me, and I thought it an opportune moment to explain my absence. I don't promise anything, but I do promise I'll try to start posting more. I really want to get back to some geology...

Followup: I fully understand that the above individuals have a substantial dollar value attached to them. They can bill me.