Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Funnies: Weather Report Edition

With substantial snow up on the Cascade passes today, this one needs to lead:
"Finnish Weatherman Presents Weather ‘Game of Thrones’-Style" Tastefully Offensive
Senor Gif
Sober in a Nightclub
Tastefully Offensive
Tastefully Offensive
"Girl Invents Alarm Clock That Slaps You in the Face" No thanks.Tastefully Offensive
Pie Comic
What Would Jack Do?
Fake Science (Love the expressions.)
Candy Rocket
Senor Gif
Senor Gif
Heck If I Know
What Would Jack Do?
Tree Lobsters
Jim Benton
Andy H.
Raging Pencils
Victims of Circumsolar
Happle Tea- Also, a good essay on the origin of this nonsense.
Tastefully Offensive
Jason Gay
Non Sequitur
Sober in a Nightclub (For the record, I don't high-five spiders. If they "bug" me, I take them outside.)
"When I ask if my students understand what I’m saying ... but they don’t" PCV
Bats V Supes
Bad Newspaper
Dami Lee
Jim Benton
The Gentleman's Armchair
Blazers At Dawn