Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It's been a crazy period of my life... I got evicted with no reason given, Corvallis has been completely overrun by  predatory property management companies, and I've been having a heluva time finding a reasonable place to live. But I found a good one yesterday, signed paperwork and paid initial move-in costs today, and will move in over the next few days. Even got an okay for Bif. It's a nice older place with real character, and the owner/landlord, who lives downstairs, is a construction contractor, so not only is everything in good shape, but if something goes wrong, he's right there to get on it.

So the blog hiatus is not due to ill health or anything on my part, just too busy with other stuff to fuss with that too. Posting will be light to nil through the weekend, but I will get caught up with the Geo 365 series next week at latest. Sunday Funnies may be AWOL until next Sunday. I have to be out of my current apartment by Sunday night, so hopefully Monday, life will settle back into a more normal routine. Until then, wish me luck.