Saturday, October 10, 2009

Of Sparrows and Curtain Rods

Here's a comment that I shunted off onto the back burner a few days ago, hoping to find a larger context to place it in. However, after consideration, I think the statement actually does an excellent job of describing the political context in which our country finds itself:
“The salient fact of American politics is that there are fifty to seventy million voters each of whom will volunteer to live, with his family, in a cardboard box under an overpass, and cook sparrows on an old curtain rod, if someone would only guarantee that the black, gay, Hispanic, liberal, whatever, in the next box over doesn’t even have a curtain rod, or a sparrow to put on it.”
Attributed to commenter Davis X. Machina, in a post at Balloon Juice. This post is one in a growing number contributing to a wonderfully funny, snarky, and often thought-provoking political lexicon. Here's the whole list.

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