Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John McCain is Confused

A suggested new meme from Buzzfeed...I can relate, I guess. The background is lifted from an Abstruse Goose Comic I used in my last Sunday Funnies.


Unknown said...

I must say I'm confused. What the hell does this mean?

Lockwood said...

Every now and then, some photo catches the attention of many people, and often, a portion will be pasted in a variety of other photos, other photos pasted into it, or other photoshop manipulations. Flasher squirrel was such a meme from last summer... sad Keanu has been popular for the last week or two... and Sarah Palin "running," literally in Runner's World photos, and metaphorically in the popular press and politically, isn't a meme as such, but is powerfully confusing. McCain is right to be confused by all this. Especially when superimposed on an extremely simplified mathematical representation of "the real world."

Andra said...

I AM CONFUSED...I am confused at why people actually think JD is worth of the AZ Senate Seat?? JD has no brains, JD has much less experience, JD has a terrible record on earmarks and JD is an egotistical blowhard!