Wednesday, June 16, 2010

APOD @ 15

I think Netscape was installed in the department's computers in the summer of 1994, and that I had been using that program for a year or so to explore teh innertubz when Astronomy Picture of the Day went live. I don't remember when I found it, but it is without a doubt one of the sites that I have followed most closely over the last decade and a half. Here is the first image posted there, 15 years ago today- I'll make you click over to get a description of what you're seeing here. It's kind of bizarre, very cool, and probably not what you're guessing.And here is the picture they chose for their 15th anniversary:A detail; the picture is a tiling of some of the thousands of daily pictures from the site!
Here's the link to the full-size (4 Mb) jpg. And one more I set aside a few days ago: an excellent multi-exposure image of Martian retrograde motion from a terrestrial perspective.

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