Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cutest Spider Ever

Sent this to Lydia yesterday, with a positive reaction. That "smile," of course, isn't actually it's mouth. But it does say "Have a nice day!" before it sucks all your juices out. From Cute Overload.


Dean Wormer said...

Are originally from Oregon, Lockwood?

He looks like Bumpity.

Lockwood said...

Nope, I grew up in Ohio. Though I lived in quite a few places there, the town I consider "home" is Athens. About 20K population, home of Ohio University. When I came out here in 1980, I was looking for a school with good science programs- I knew I'd end up in science, but not sure what, so I wanted to feel confident that whatever discipline, the school would be decent. I wanted trees and mountains. And I wanted a fairly high student to resident ratio- it's what I grew up with, and the rhythm and seasons of a college-oriented town are part of my own internal clock.

Micgar said...

"Awwww-hi there, lil' feller! Lookit how cu-arrrgh! arrrgh! It's...killing meeeee!"