Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Words

The second of the three weekly series I've been contemplating for a while. To prevent web crawlers from leaving reams of comment spam, most of you have probably encountered the Captcha tool: a picture (not text) of random letters distorted to make them difficult for computers to recognize. On rare occasions I've seen real words, but mostly they're just random letters. Surprisingly often they look like they might be words. Almost.
A dinnertime request or offer, or the female parent of a potato.
Onomatopoeia for what you do after eating too much gas-producing food. "After the baked beans last night, it was just one fancher after another."
The domain name for the server at the Feline Institute for Advanced Studies.
A particularly scary male antagonist (generally in film).
Dies in flames, but ritheth again from the atheth. With a lithp.

I've got 40 more of these stinkers I've been accumulating, and I'm confident I'll find them faster than I go through them. If I've misdefined any of these, or if you think of a better way to express their use in a sentence, feel free to comment. You might even find a good captcha word in the process.

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