Sunday, August 10, 2008


The intertubes here at my favorite coffee shop were out from Thursday afternoon to yesterday afternoon due to the technical difficulty of the wireless broadcasting box thingy being unplugged. They don't have a technician on call, so they weren't able to fix the problem until an electronics engineer happened to hear me complaining about it. He managed to repair the device in under a minute, but it did require him to use most of what he'd learned in grad school, and in his many years of experience working at HP.

Factiousness aside, I've spent most of the last day catching up. Nothing has happened. Well, a war in Georgia- though I don't understand how the Russians got tanks to our southeast coast without anybody noticing. (If you read Pirarro today, you might want to put that Tour of Italy on hold.) And I guess the Chinese have taken the Gold in Olympic American Stabbing.- I don't follow sports and didn't even know this was an event, though I have to say I'm not really surprised. And let's see, I guess there was a great (unscheduled) fireworks display near Toronto, put on by a local propane supplier. It was right next to the airport and a oil refinery, and there as some talk initially that the show might have been sponsored by terrorists. But no, it was simply a gesture of corporate goodwill, or something. Not much going on.

So I went looking for stuff to make me laugh. I found a link to a great comic site, XKCD. Very geeky, nerdy. My kind of stuff. Lots of math gags, which is unusual in comics. Enjoy.

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