Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chaiten Again

Just after I started this blog, I posted on Chaiten Volcano. This picture was taken shortly after that post. I just found it (this post) on the Eruptions blog- an absolutely terrific spot for excellent volcano pictures and information on current eruptions. I don't know that the blogger reports every eruption or event, but he's certainly hit a number that I haven't seen reported elsewhere. And he reported on the Kasatochi (Alaska, Aleutian Island) eruption and its effects on air traffic when those effects were still in the future- days before the papers picked it up.

There's a full size version of the above picture (without labels), and a wider overview here. In the overview, you can see the ash cloud and the base of the volcano in the northeast quadrant. Note that the label "harbor" in the above picture sits entirely upon a delta of volcanoclastic debris- in fact, if the label was double its size, it would still fit on the delta. If you look at the full-sized picture, look at the (I'm geussing) lahar deposit out onto the runway in the southeast corner. Given that this was taken at the end of May, and Chaiten is still chugging away, this town is going to take a long time to recover.

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