Monday, December 16, 2013

Geo 365: Dec. 16, Day 350: Cape Sebastian

(size options here) As you can see, May 8 started, at the coast, the same as May 7: cloudy, foggy and windy. What you can't really see is that it was also just as cold. Lockwood was not a happy camper. However, we were only about 30 miles from a turn inland, and an enormous change in the weather. This was our first stop, at a pull-out just south of Cape Sebastian, the headland on the right. Despite the lousy weather, it's hard not to admire all the stacks. But due to the lousy weather, and an extremely crowded itinerary with some mind-blowing geology (Yeah, we're gonna drive through the mantle. No biggie.), I can't really say anything about the rocks here, because we didn't go look closely at them.

Photo stitched in Hugin, otherwise unmodified. May 8, 2013. FlashEarth location.

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