Thursday, September 16, 2010


Loki, from Wikipedia. I had a terrible time finding a picture that fits my mental image; Loki was neither the supervillain nor effeminate behind-the-scenes string puller that he seems to have become in the popular imagination. He was a schemer and a prankster with poor impulse control, and always out to further the interests of number one. The classical gods all had poor impulse control, so Loki just ends up being one of the most entertaining of them.


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing. Can you tel me the artist's name and where you found it?

Lockwood said...

Found it at Wikipedia, though the link I provided just goes to the "Loki" page, not directly to the image. The artist is listed as John Bauer, 1911, for the book Our Father's Godsaga, by Victor Rydberg. Here's the link to image and info; there's a larger size available.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir.