Sunday, August 29, 2010


Five years ago today, Katrina plowed ashore in New Orleans, killing thousands, and proving for once and for all Reagan's sweet little homily that a government with no interest in governing is the enemy. If there's a phrase more terrifying than "We're from the government, and we're here to help," it's "Fuck you. You're on your own. This is your fault." Which latter statement is, of course, what stranded residents of New Orleans heard from the Bush administration.
"Heh heh! Sucks to be you!"

This was a period leading up to my complete abandonment of TeeVee, and I had given up on news from that medium... as a result, it was Wednesday before I really realized just how bad the situation had become. Looking primarily for text, I saw few images in the aftermath. In many ways, I was better informed regarding the details than most, but I missed and was unaware of the viscerally gripping pictures that were circulating. It wasn't until much later- weeks to months- that I started filling in the gaps there.

Friday, The Big Picture ran a series of 49 photos commemorating this anniversary, many new to me. The one below is one that gave me pause and made me feel a little teary.
Leonard Thomas, 23, cries after a SWAT police team burst into the flooded home where he and his family were living in New Orleans on Sept. 5, 2005. Neighbors had reported that the family was squatting in the house in the wake of Hurricane Katrina but the authorities left after the family proved they were the owners. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
I find it more than a little ironic that this happens a day after Beck, Palin and Teabaggers United marched on the Lincoln Memorial, screaming and crying about how if everyone were as religiously committed as they are, as blindly jingoistic as they are, and above all, as white and affluent as they are, well everything would be just peachy.

Hate to disillusion you folks, but that ain't happenin'. And even if it was, I don't believe that was the message your Jayzus was trying to convey.


Darius Whiteplume said...

The wife and I were in New Orleans a few months back, and will be again in a few weeks. We stuck to the French Quarter, but met quite a few locals. Katrina is still heavy with them, despite "America's own Sodom" not being directly effected.

Though we did not see a lot of what happened, it is a bit sadder for me now that I have been there. New Orleans is such a great place, and the locals are really nice. People would talk to me on the street and suggest places to go. Normally in a metropolis I am wary of these types, figuring they want something, but in NOLA they were genuinely interested in you enjoying their city. They surely are not all wonderful people, but the good outweighed the bad, and likely the more obnoxious folks were my fellow tourists.

And just because I never tire of saying it, Beck and Palin can go to hell. ;-)

Lockwood said...

I've been through NOLA a couple times, but haven't spent any real time there. But loud bar scenes and crowds aren't really my thing. Not sure I'd really enjoy it. But what you say about the overall goodness of the people reflects what others have said.