Sunday, September 25, 2016

Geo 900: Ochoco State Park

Looking a bit south of east from Ochoco State Park, we see a variety of rimrock basalts of varying ages. The one on the right has been named the Basalt of Meyers Butte, which has been dated at 5.42 +/- 0.11 Ma, and erupted west of this location. (Glad I looked it up: I had been under the impression these came from Newberry Volcano, which is way to the south.) This PDF (see page 4) has a very similar photo to the one above, with the various basalt units labeled, and a field guide going into great depth about the volcanic stratigraphy of the area.

There are numerous reasons I wouldn't live in eastern Oregon, but the views and excellent, less weathered rock exposures make it a favorite place to visit.

Photo unmodified. September 7, 2016. ZoomEarth location.

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