Thursday, January 1, 2015

Geo 1095: January 1, Day 731: Dear Deer

What better way to usher in 2015 than with a carved newborn fawn, at the base of the stairs between the lower entryway and the upper floor with the registration desk, at Timberline Lodge. It's a little worn, but adorable nonetheless. Also, don't miss the rough wrought iron reinforcements around that post and along the bannister, as well as the gorgeous little pine cone adorning the end of the hand rail. The funny thing about this and yesterday's posts is they strike me as utterly perfect. I don't think I could've found better selections for the days, no matter how much time I spent searching through my photos. And they just happened to be the next ones in line from our visit to Timberline!

This is being written December 31; Interzone will close at 2 PM, and remain closed until January 2. I'll try to put together a retrospective of / reflection on 2014 over the coming weekend. However, I still have too much unread stuff, and too little time (it's 1:12 as I write this) to consider that right now. In short, it was a year of  incredible highs in science, incredible lows in news, and incredible satisfactory contentment in blogging.

Photo unmodified. October 10, 2012. FlashEarth Location (approximate).


Margaret K. Westfall said...

Years ago I tagged along on a tour of Timberline. The history of its craftsmanship is a delight. Old CCC uniforms turned into rugs, for example.

I discovered your blog a couple months ago. I'm loving it! Still haven't gotten onto campus for the geologic tour you posted, but am looking forward to doing it!

Hollis said...

Best wishes for 2015, Lockwood, I hope you find plenty of contentment this year as well!