Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturd80's: Emerson, Lake and Palmer Edition

Yesterday, I tweeted, "Oddly, I was introduced to Aaron Copeland's music by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. (Fanfare for the Common Man)" Now I doubt I reached my late teens without hearing music by Aaron Copeland, but that composer has a very distinct "American classic" sound, which at this point I can pick out pretty easily and confidently. But it was Emerson Lake and Palmer that brought him and his style to my attention. "Fanfare" can, and often does, give me goosebumps to this day, and I think it's spirit is demeaned by using it for things like televised sports.
Fanfare for the Common Man- the tempo, uh, changes at about 3:30.

A classic, their own composition, Lucky Man:

And like many other bands, they also covered Peter Gunn- their version is quite distinct:.

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