Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Derision Putz

It was announced a bit over a year ago that dubya was going to make a book, and it was announced yesterday that it would be published on November 9 of this year.

I can't wait.

As it happens, I was privy to a sneak preview of an early draft. And since there is currently a meme circulating in the left-leaning portion of the political blogosphere to provide a more appropriate cover, here's my offering to reflect that excerpt, Chapter 3.
And in case you didn't notice the title of the post, I'd suggest we change the title of the book, as well.

Other particpants that I know of thus far are:
Tengrain and Scissorheads at MPS
Blue Gal
Ian David
Mark Hoback at FGAQ
Terrant at My Corner To Vent

Visit and enjoy. These versions are guaranteed to be more edifying and entertaining than the real thing.


Anonymous said...

That was good for a chuckle. Inspired me to make my own contribution (such as it is) :)

Joseph said...

Wasn't this in the Asimov story "The Machine That Won the War"?