Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clever Disguise, Silly Caption

Original image here. The following struck me as an amusing mash-up; I'm pleased it worked out so well.
And the gratuitous LOL caption:


MathEpiNet said...

Did you do the photo editing? A tip, and i know you need new glasses, but the proof is always in the edges. An extreme zoom comparing the edges of the berry with the ground and the berry with the turtle will resolve a fuzziness on the turtle. Other than that, good work, super cute. Oh and why no more mashup word thingies?

Lockwood said...

Yeah, I've been playing with No photoshop, but free, and powerful enough to have fun with. See also the Emma Watson post two previous to this one.

In my experience, fuzzing the edges a little is better than the enormous pixel-to-pixel change than you get with unfuzzed crops. I think part of this is also in the .jpg compression, which looks at gradients rather than pixel-by-pixel info (like .gif). As a result, very sharp changes in .jpg's tend to draw the eyes' attention; a smoother or fuzzier transition tends to be overlooked. Photoshop has "soften" wand that's more subtle and controllable, but in Paint, I have to lasso the edges and soften whole regions. You're right in that if you magnify it (or even simply look carefully), it's easy to pick out. However, I'm not really trying to be convincing, just entertaining.

Re the Wendesday words, no one was playing and I got bored.