Saturday, February 7, 2009

8 Years of Tax Cuts

They've done such a good job of strengthening our economy......I can see why there's such widespread bipartisan agreement that we should have eight years more of the same. From here. Oops, did I say bipartisan? Those darned democrats really don't seem like they've boarded the bipartisan boat.From Jesus' General. The dems just don't seem to understand the opportunity for creating educational fairy tales to inspire and enlighten the next generation. Remember, if a dead, starved horse isn't doing the work it needs to do, you should first consider getting a stouter whip. That is much more likely to be effective than wasting money buying feed for the other horses. A message from Proud Of Republicanism, Totally Like You (PORTLY).


loosecannon said...

Dear Mr. OTI:

I wanted to let you know that RUFKM has moved to a new format and can't be "followed" through Blogger but we don't want to loose you. You can still get your daily dose of dumb by subscribing to it on your favorite reader. Just go to and click on the RSS logo. We hope you continue to enjoy our buffoonery. I didn't want to do this as a comment but I couldn't find your email info.

Lockwood said...

Loosecannon- thanks for the heads up. I actually subscribed to RUFKM in RSS last summer or thereabouts. When the "follow" option came up earlier this winter (mid December?), rather than going through and finding every single site I read regularly in RSS, I just opted to "follow" all the sites in my RSS feed. As a result, most sites I read each day are listed in various RSS folders AND in an additional "Blogs I follow" folder. Whichever folder I read them first in, they're marked as read in the other, so at least I don't have to scroll past them the second time.

My e-mail is at the top of the sidebar: first name (Lockwood), last name, all one word, no caps, capital 2 (AT) gmail. Don't know if you're subscribed to comments, so I'll copy this into a comment on your blog as well. Again, I appreciate the effort.